Affirmations, Day 2

Vulnerability is Cool. 

Everyone has a past.

I believe that are very few people, if any, that would consent to a public screening of their entire lives.

This is why I see such beauty in expression. I believe there is a profound strength in vulnerability.

I get to choose. 

If I was challenged myself to define power in one word, the word that comes to mind is: choice.

I underwent years of therapy as a child, primarily for reasons pertaining to ones I will not share in this particular post.

However, the greatest lesson I learned as a collective was this: In the end, I decide.

Lesson 1: the first step to recovery is this: consciously choosing to move towards being well.

Choosing, unveils our true desires which can give us a mixture of emotions, right? Lesson 2: Although at times it can be uncomfortable to choose, coming to a decision is necessary for us to do.

Perfection does not exist

Everyday I discover new things about myself.

Every morning I relearn how to listen, press forward, and love my process without conviction.

The duality:

Some days I am overwhelmed with life

other days I am nothing less than a conqueror.

Some days I feel agitated

other times I feel one with the breeze.

Some days I am vastly in love with myself

other days I need a gentle reminder.

Some days I’m an extrovert

and other times I choose to live in my mind.

Lesson 3: Gentle reminders

I live in reality. Things happen. Circumstances occur.

I am a real person.

I have real feelings. They matter.

I go through real experiences and every side of me is okay.




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