A Log …

I took a challenge. The challenge consisted of logging in a weeks worth of the most dominating thought(s) that consumed me in some way each day. This served the purpose of aiding me in gaining  a more introspective view of my mind. 

Monday: Being completely aware of how far I have come, from using self-medicated tactics to push me through the day, to learning to be the love and encouragement for myself that I have oh so desperately needed.

Tuesday: Physically at work, mentally on a bus headed out of town to nowhere in particular.

Wednesday: I’m laying down, scrolling through the various specializations offered for the path I am journeying and it hits me how far I have come since I was handed an IEP at the age of 10.

Thursday: Attempting to detach responsibility from those who I over value for voids within myself that they did not create.

Friday: Remembering commitments I made and steadily reminding myself of what matters more.

Saturday: Proactively staying distant from foolishness.

Sunday: Battling loneliness within myself but remembering how relevant it is for me to navigate my thoughts and tailor them according to where I want to be.


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