For the esteem of self

During specific stages of my adolescence I was teased a lot. I struggled with my weight and my overall feminine presentation which created a disconnect between myself and my female peers. Through introspective discovery, as I aged, I developed a greater sense of self and accepted the torments from my past as nothing more than learning moments in parts of my childhood.

With this in mind, I am sure you can imagine the process in which I began striving to see myself as equal and more importantly whole was a tireless yet an graciously evolving one. Learning what my needs were, relearning self care and what that looked like for me, a few months back decided to start a trail of needed reminders for the not so sunny days that at times inevitably surface.

I titled the list: Things I do for my esteem. My trail consisted of the following:

  • taking showers
  • washing and decorating my hair
  • journaling
  • working out
  • ironing my clothes
  • painting my toes
  • rearranging/organizing my space
  • giving advice to others

And the list goes on… I love where I am in my journey. Everyday, I am relearning how to be a more consistent friend, a more patient and gentler lover, a more proactive student and relearning what a better and healthier version of me looks like. Learning to accept that trails are apart of life has helped me respond to situations in a healthier and more tactful manner. This entry serves the purpose of an aid to someone who may be in need of encouraging ideas that can assist the sailing through another day. Stay motivated y’all!



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