About The Writer

Let’s start here …

HiI’m Sharlita! I am a notes enthusiast, a graduate student and a lover of most things pure.

To: You

Hi all! I want to take this space to formally thank you all for stopping by! I am flattered to make your acquaintance! While scrolling, if you feel inspired to do so by all means: like, comment and share.

Early Beginnings – My passion for journaling derived from a childhood of silence. Writing at an early age gave me an outer body experience that not only allowed me to be in two spaces at once but it dually [assisted in] counter[ing]ed my earliest stages of depression.

My Purpose –  The narratives you will read here, from moments past to current, are reflections my life’s most shaping: thoughts, experiences, and lessons. I write as a form of therapy and as an advocate of “each one teach one” I have decided to share my head space in hopes that someone in need may benefit from my: mental, spiritual, and emotional journey somehow.

Journaling has brought out the best in me. I am relearning each day how to:

  • accept errors and encourage self growth
  • nurture my mind
  • articulate my inner most feelings so that I may gracefully move forward

We are in this together

Note to self – This is a dedication to the future you who see’s that yes you have already accomplished all those things you’re currently working towards!

I hope you all enjoy my collective and stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

Immensely grateful,