About The Writer

Let’s start here …

HiI’m Sharlita! I am a notes enthusiast, a graduate student and a lover of most things pure.

To: You

In this space, I would like to formally thank you all for reading! I am flattered you decided to click on my icon! It is my sincere hope, that while reading the tales of my various trails, that you learn and in some way, if any, I inspire you to transform.

Early Beginnings – My passion for journaling derived from a childhood of silence. Writing at an early age gave me an outer body experience. It gave me permission to explore, to be in two spaces at once, and to feel without being seen.

My Purpose –  The narratives you will read here, from moments past to current, are reflections my life’s most shaping, thoughts, experiences, and lessons. I write as a form of therapy, and as a vessel of healing, I have decided to share my head space with the world. May my words be the aspiration you need to persevere.

Journaling has brought out the best in me. Writing has …

  • created a self-awareness within me, that has continually encouraged my growth
  • messaged my mind
  • Been a friend in times of sorrow

We are in this together

Note to self – This is a dedication to the future you, the you who knows you’re beyond capable, and the you who sometimes need gentle reminders to stop being so hard on yourself.

I hope you all enjoy my collection, and stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

Immensely grateful,