The Summary: How I grew from my Surgery

While on bed rest I: Experienced: Fear Loneliness Learned: Patience Priority Pain as fleeing Fear: I underwent surgery for the first time this year. I was afraid to have the procedure done but the pain that continued to press upon my body pained me more than any fear I have ever had of: IV’s, hospital beds or the site of blood. Loneliness: On a regular basis, I work 6 days a week, workout 5-6 days a week and during my down time I am usually washing my hair and my clothes at the same time. At night, when I am … Continue reading The Summary: How I grew from my Surgery

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Do not try to dismiss what I am telling you I feel. I do not entertain images of perfection, for I am not going in that direction. One day at a time I feel less ill. My mental health condition has helped my character far more than it has hurt my esteem. I am unashamed. Through great deeds and sin I have taught myself to love again. In the greyest of times I discovered my hue. Capable.                   Continue reading Post: 1